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Privacy Policy Statement

The policy below explains how we use the information we collect and the procedures that we have in place to protect privacy. It also sets out what you agree to about how we use information. The policy refers to you, our service users and our staff.

The information we collect

Information we collect and publish is for the sole purpose of promotion and improvement of our service, and recruitment within our organisation.

Any information gathered and stored by us will not be disclosed. Nexus Support Services will not pass on the information collected to any third party or sell or redistribute it for any reason.

All emails from the site are treated in the strictest confidence.


Any photos we show on our website, and any other publications, such as annual reports or brochures are reproduced with consent.

Links to third party sites

This website contains links to websites not under the control of Nexus Support Services. These links are provided as a convenience only. The inclusion of any link does not in any way imply or express endorsement or sponsorship, nor does not linking to a site imply lack of endorsement by Nexus Support Services.

We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website, or the sites to which it links.

We accept no responsibility for any damages arising from the loss of use of this information or disruption/damage to your computer system/data while using this site.

Nexus Support Services is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals using this website. Nexus Support Services does not:

  • collect any personal information about those using the site
  • use cookies to track or log information about users
  • analyse the server log files which contain details of the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of computers using the site, pages looked at, the times of day and the type of web browser used. 
  • link information to individuals or distribute data to third parties.

Cookie Notice

Our website uses cookies so we can better understand our audience.  We do not track or store any personal information.

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